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A Think Tank for the Future of Adult Learning

Graphic Recording from Workshop "Futures Playground". (Graphic Recording: André Sandmann / Image: SVEB)

The Think Tank TRANSIT is an interdisciplinary platform for adult education and learning in the future.

It develops theses, analyses and scenarios on the role of continuing education in society. The think tank is based on a broad, network-based community.

Thematically, the focus is on longer-term social developments that are or could become relevant to lifelong learning. The results of the think tank should provide organisations and experts in the field of further education with ideas and impulses for their own further development.

The Think Tank is under construction. It is financially supported by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation.

Graphic Recording from Workshop "Futures Playground". (Graphic Recording: André Sandmann / Image: SVEB)

Graphic Recording from Workshop “Futures Playground”. (Graphic Recording: André Sandmann / Image: SVEB)


At an interdisciplinary event with invited participants, questions about the future of education were asked and discussed on the basis of scenarios.

A public event is planned for 16 January 2019, at which the first analyses and scenarios will be presented for discussion. This event is primarily aimed at experts from the continuing education sector.

TRANSIT Manifesto


  1. Maria Pia Cappiello says

    I think it is a useful and meaningful platform. I just shared it on Twitter.
    Is there a way to share it on LinkedIn?
    Thanks a lot,
    Maria Pia Cappiello

    • Ronald Schenkel says

      Thank you very much for your comment. We have not yet a LinkedIn-Channel. But we work on it. Best, Ronald

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