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Time Window – Shaping the Future of (further) education

TRANSIT, the think tank for the future of (further) education, is entering the next round: We invite education experts, practitioners and all those who deal with educational topics to a journey into the future. Our time machine is driven by the ideas and inputs of the participants, i.e. you.

In four thematic workshops you will develop future scenarios under the direction of a workshop leader. However, you will remain on the ground of your reality, because the scenarios should give you inspiration as to how you can anticipate developments in your institution, in your everyday educational life or react to trends that are already emerging.

In addition, the scenarios you develop will form the basis of a first trend report that TRANSIT will publish in summer 2019.

The four thematic workshops will have the same central theme:
How do we know (in) the future? – Why networked thinking and acting becomes (even) more important.

The workshop topics are:

Creative Approaches to Knowledge (Lead: Therese Zimmermann, Zentrum für universitäre Weiterbildung, University of Bern)

Creativity is based on networking, associating and questioning existing elements as a basis for the development of “the new”. What preconditions must further education create in order to enable creative access to knowledge?

Learning and experience spaces ( Lead: Erik Haberzeth, Professor PHZH)

Today we experience a strong dissolution of boundaries between learning and experience spaces (one learns everywhere). Digitalisation also expands the spectrum to include virtual spaces. For adult education, this “infinite vastness” raises the question of where and how learning takes place and how learning and experiential spaces can be designed.

Multiple sources of knowledge ( Lead: Stefanie Dernbach, Research Assistant SVEB)

A monopoly on knowledge no longer exists. Even today, knowledge is created in networked contexts and from numerous sources. How do we deal in education with the fact that more and more perspectives stand next to each other? And how can the polyphony of the “learners’ voices” be made productive?

Dispositives of Power ( Lead: Lorenz Lassnigg, Professor Emeritus University of Vienna)

Under the influence of digitalization and globalization, the control mechanisms in society are changing. This also applies to education with regard to forms of control as well as to the relationship between self-determination and heteronomy.

TRANSIT works according to the principle of relating content and form. This means that the thematic focal points are not only developed discursively. An intuitive and visual approach should also lead to new insights and scenarios. To this end, the workshop leaders will prepare appropriate working models. In addition, the event will be accompanied by actresses and actors who will translate the developed scenarios into scenes.

“Time window” promises you enrichment and inspiration for you personally and your concrete everyday life. We are looking forward to your visit.

When: 16.01.2019, 13:30 – 17:00

Where: Kraftwerk Selnau, Selnaustrasse 25, Zürich 


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