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Releasing the Chained Giant

Our second trend report is available for download. Its title is: Releasing the Chained Giant. A notable aspect of adult education is its particular focus on professional skills, combined with a public discourse that categorises continuing education and professional development as a literal survival strategy for the individual and society. Against this background, the qualities of cultural education remain largely obscured, as do the potential contributions that training and education might make with regard to radical shifts such as climatic change or an ageing society. Cultural education and processes of change TRANSIT is therefore proposing a new emphasis within adult learning whereby cultural education is re-evaluated and its potential is also discussed in the context of professional development. In addition, TRANSIT argues that more room should be given to education focused on processes of change, particularly since our response to radical change requires a form of education that helps to solve complex problems, whether at the individual, organisational, community, social or global level. Digitalisation In turn, digitisation has long been a persistent topic in the …

Kreativität als angewandtes Querdenken  

Paolo Bianchi und Gabrielle Schmid sind zugleich als Dozenten und kreative Coaches an der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK tätig. Sie unterrichten das CAS Creationship, ein Angebot, das sich an all jene Personen richtet, die ein innovatives Projekt mit Hilfe kreativer Methoden in die Welt setzen möchten und gleichzeitig die eigene Persönlichkeitsentwicklung im Auge haben. Es geht um eine anregende Synthese zwischen Tun und Sein.