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New book – ten dialogues about adult learning today and tomorrow

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How will the future of adult learning evolve? This question is linked to many others. Technological developments will have just as much influence as economic and social changes – or ecological ones. In order to be able to make statements about the future of learning, we must therefore widen or focus and also consider areas that are not linked to adult learning in the closest sense. Still, we should not forget the expertise of educational science.

Interdisciplinary work

Since its launch in 2018, TRANSIT has had an interdisciplinary approach. At its events, it has promoted dialogue across disciplinary boundaries and at times explored its core question – the future of adult learning – experimentally.Last but not least, TRANSIT has sought in-depth conversations with representatives of different academic disciplines, but also of the arts. Ten dialogues on adult learning today and tomorrow are now available.  They can be read on this website in both English and German.Now TRANSIT has also compiled the dialogues in a book, where the German versions of the conversations are brought together.

Variety of perspectives

The ten conversations with experts from a wide range of disciplines were conducted between 2018 and 2021. They invite us to look at the learning of the future from a variety of perspectives. And to ask ourselves under which social and technological conditions we are learning today – and in the future – which competences may bring us further and in what depth we should actually learn in order to meet the challenges that will come our way.

Connecting lines

The book is entitled «Zusammenhänge» – «Connections»; because it is also about recognising the connecting lines that exist between the various influencing factors. A book allows you to flip back and forth, perhaps more easily than reading a web page simultaneously, so to speak, and thus to better grasp and understand these very connections. It also allows reading in a relaxed setting, which is perhaps more appropriate for thinking about future issues than in front of a computer screen at a workplace.

The publication of the book was celebrated in a very cosy atmosphere (due to pandeic it was outside). While drinking hot punch, a few people took the opportunity to meet again, network and exchange about the future of lifelong learning.

The book can be ordered in the SVEB-Shop.

Cover Zusammenhänge

Book Cover

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