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Retrospective on the TRANSIT event “Flexibilisation” in Yverdon-les-Bains

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13.06.22 Explorit, Yverdon-les-Bains

On 13 June 2022, the TRANSIT interdisciplinary community met in the new Explorit building in Yverdon-les-Bains to reflect on the future of adult education after the pause caused by the pandemic. The transition from stressful everyday life to creative thinking was facilitated by the new TRANSIT card game “Questions for the Future” (which will be available in the SVEB Shop from about mid-June).

Theme of the year: flexibilisation

The main theme of this year’s TRANSIT event was flexibilisation. This theme was chosen as a priority for 2022 by the TRANSIT community in a broad survey. The TRANSIT team has produced a working paper which outlines the processes of flexibilisation in three areas – life projects, new work and sources of knowledge – and which serves as a basis for this year’s TRANSIT events in all language regions. The working paper outlines social trends. The aim of the TRANSIT events is to understand or anticipate what they mean for the future of continuing education.


Assaâd El Akremi from the University of Toulouse and active in organisational behaviour, presented the growing issues and challenges of flexibilisation, reflecting on several levels and dimensions. Among the many opportunities that flexibility can bring, a reflection on the learning organisation and new learning modalities were put forward.

Flexibilisation in adult education?

There is no doubt that processes of flexibilisation in society are underway. And the way in which they influence the future of adult education was discussed in small groups working on the basis of personas, for example, concerning the first level of life courses: “In 2040, the individual is flexible in his or her life choices and has developed resilience in the face of multiple rapid changes. Our Persona has developed skills of adaptation, agility and flexibility: What are the positive and what are the negative impacts on our Persona?

How can we train and teach our persona to maximise the positive impacts and reduce the negative impacts?” The results of the discussions were recorded in words and pictures.

Photo protocol TRANSIT Romandie

What happens next?

The findings of the events in the three language regions will be incorporated into the “Flexibilisation” trend report, planned for autumn 2022. The trend report will also be developed in a collaborative process. Some participants have already expressed an interest in participating in the reflection and review of the trend report. Other interested parties can contact the TRANSIT team:

Read what happened in Zurich.

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