How do we see ourselves?

The Think Tank considers the future of Adult Learning. It develops scenarios for the role of Adult Learning within society and for society. It is interdisciplinary, politically neutral and economically independent, and it acts on behalf of the SVEB (the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning).


Megatrends such as digitalisation, globalisation and urbanisation are producing far-reaching change at every level of our society. They are also changing traditional ideas and structures in learning and affecting the reasons why individuals seek education. Because of the speed of this change and the technical context, as well as the social paradigms, we can assume that the importance of Adult Learning will continue to grow in comparison to basic schooling. It will become an indispensable instrument by which to keep up with change. However, Adult Learning still plays a subordinate role at the education policy level, in Switzerland at least. The research world is also very reticent in its dealings with the matter of Adult Learning. The Think Tank neither wishes to replace the specific academic research sector, nor to exert direct political influence. It sees itself as providing a space to think and a source of inspiration. The results of its work are available to anyone who is interested, and are intended to contribute to the ongoing development of (continuing) education in Switzerland.


The Think Tank is designed to be interdisciplinary and is based on a broad, network-based community. This is partly made up of a group of invited figures. On the other hand, it is also open to all those with an interest who would like to contribute actively to the community. The Think Tank is looked after by an office located at the SVEB.


The Think Tank tackles one topic every year. These topics relate to developments that are relevant to society and are controversial, and they shed some light on the effects of these developments on education and the societal role of Adult Learning in these developments. The topics are put forward by the community. Specific discussions on the topics take place within the core group, which is made up of members from the office and experts. The results are posted on a Community Dashboard and opened up for discussion. An exchange of views takes place in different forms between the core group and the community at regular intervals.


Once a year, a publication is issued on the topic of the year. The Think Tank also organises community meetings and public conferences.