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The future may be more collaborative

RS. Anticipating the impact of megatrends such as digitalisation, globalisation or demographic change on knowledge transfer and further education is as difficult a task as it is necessary. The think tank TRANSIT has set out to explore these fields and presents them for discussion in various scenarios. There should be several scenarios for the future. Therefore, the title of the first interdisciplinary meeting of invited participants was “Futures Playground”.

The approximately 25 participants discussed, based on input presentations of the curator and author Sibylle Omlin and Outi Kuittinen from the Finnish think tank Demos Helsinki. The interpretation of the first meeting will be followed by a condensation of the themes. These will again be presented at a public event on 16 January 2019.

One of the assumptions is that collaborative learning and working, perhaps also collaborative learning and working of human and artificial intelligence, will become more important in the future. Accordingly, the working approach of the think tank TRANSIT is collaborative. A booksprint is planned for March 2019, with the aim of producing a complete book within five days. In this way, the format of the think tank itself will become a laboratory for future learning.

Input from the participants of “Futures Playground”

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