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TRANSIT opens the next chapter

In the near future, TRANSIT will focus on the issue of flexibilisation. The topic swung just above in the recent survey conducted by the think tank for adult education. The survey also showed that the interest in future issues of adult education and in opening new horizons of thinking is unbroken.

Due to the Corona pandemic, TRANSIT, the think tank launched by the Swiss Federation for Adult Education (SVEB), had to take a longer break. TRANSIT returned to the community in September with a survey. Numerous people interested in continuing education took part.

“Opening new horizons of thinking that will further the development of educational practice.”
(comment from the survey)

The results clearly indicate that interest in TRANSIT’s work remains high. Statements on the think tank’s activities to date, the design of events, the trend reports and expert interviews were positive. The interdisciplinary and collaborative approach was also confirmed in the survey.


Based on the survey results, TRANSIT will address the issue of flexibilisation in the near future. The question of more flexible models for organising one’s life and their significance for continuing education met with approval from the participants. The topic was also narrowly accepted in all language regions, although all the other topics put up for discussion also met with high approval.

Flexibilisation will therefore determine the design of the next events as well as the following trend reports. The next TRANSIT event will take place on 20 January 2022 in Zurich, followed by TRANSIT events in French-speaking part of Switzerland and Ticino in the spring.

“Continue to provide helpful impulses, ideally with specific examples.”
(comment from the survey)

TRANSIT has set out to deal with the (near) future of continuing education. This should also involve visionary concepts. At the same time, the think tank does not want to lose sight of feasibility. According to the statements from the survey, this approach definitely meets the interest of the continuing education community for visionary and inspiring elements as well as for the need for concretisation.

Formats, channels and language

According to the responses, the discussion of the topics should primarily take place in offline events in inspiring venues. The opportunity for networking and exchange clearly emerged as a desire.

“Refreshing and dynamic as well as good for networking.”
(Comment from survey)

In addition, some of the survey participants expressed the need for further networking and further processing of the topics in working groups. TRANSIT wants to meet this need by forming working groups and holding regular, topic-specific salons.

Strong interest in trend reports

The trend reports met with particular interest. TRANSIT takes this as an invitation to regularly write and publish corresponding documents. Two trend reports are already available. They are available in English and German or English, German and French.

Organising a think tank in a trilingual country with a view beyond the country’s borders is a challenge. TRANSIT will therefore stick to its chosen path and continue to use English as the primary language on the website. Interviews conducted in German or French, for example, will also be published in the original language. The trend reports will in future be available in three languages, English, French and German.

The TRANSIT website and the TRANSIT newsletters are at the centre of the think tank’s communication work.

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